Continuous hot spot profiling

Analyze continuously recorded profiles of application's CPU usage, memory allocation as well as blocking calls and asynchronous operations.

See performance differences at the line-of-code level over time for exact performance optimizations and problem root cause identification.

Continuous bottleneck profiling

See how blocking function calls and asynchronous operations (e.g. network waits or lock contention) are performing over time to spot and optimize latency bottlenecks.

No need to manually add legacy timing mechanisms to the source code. Everything is automatic.

Error and health monitoring

Inspect application errors and runtime metrics for comprehensive performance analysis.

Historical metrics cover CPU, memory, garbage collection and other aspects of application execution.

Anomaly detection

Get notified on anomalies in the hot spot and error profiles via email, custom webhook or Slack webhook call.

Timely root cause analysis and action is critical for resolving issues before customers notice.

Team access

Share Dashboard access with team members for easier collaboration and faster problem resolution.

Set up and running within minutes

Sign up for a free account and configure your StackImpact agent. See documentation for setup instructions.

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