StackImpact product overview

StackImpact is a production-grade performance profiler built for both production and development environments. It gives developers continuous and historical view of application performance with line-of-code precision that is essential for locating CPU, memory allocation and I/O hot spots as well as latency bottlenecks. Included runtime metric and error monitoring complement profiles for extensive performance analysis.


  • Continuous hot spot profiling for CPU, memory allocations, network, system calls and lock contention.
  • Continuous bottleneck tracing for HTTP handlers and HTTP clients.
  • Error and panic monitoring.
  • Health monitoring including CPU, memory, garbage collection and other runtime metrics.
  • Alerts on hot spot anomalies.
  • Multiple account users for team collaboration.

Learn more on the features page (with screenshots).

The StackImpact agent reports performance information to the Dashboard running as SaaS.