Instana Acquires StackImpact to Augment Automated Insights for All Application Stakeholders

StackImpact Product Phase-Out

As you may have already heard from us back in December 2019, StackImpact has been acquired by Instana, Inc., an APM company. During the last few months, we were working hard integrating StackImpact’s continuous profiling functionality to Instana, which is now available as AutoProfile™. Together with Instana’s automatic infrastructure monitoring and tracing capabilities, continuous profiling is now even more instrumental than before.

As we are fully focusing on Instana AutoProfile, we are phasing out current StackImpact product. The end-of-life date is Aug 31, 2020.

We’ll be happy to assist you in migrating to Instana. You can try it out right away: take the guided tour and, or, experience the power of Instana in your own environment with our 14-day free trial. The AutoProfile documentation is available at Please contact us at if you have any questions.