StackImpact Golang Agent 2.0

The main focus in development of the version 2.0 of the Go agent was to improve reliability and reduce agent overhead by upgrading and tuning the profiling capabilities.

Here is the summary of main changes:

  • Some of the profiles in version 1.x were relying on Go’s tracer, which records every blocking event. It has high overhead, although we’ve kept in under control by implementing overhead checks around it. In the version 2, blocking call and server bottleneck profilers are using Go’s block profiler, which is a sampling profiler, similar to CPU and memory allocation profilers, and thus has a very low overhead.
  • Profiler triggering algorithm was updated to better orchestrate the recording of different profilers.
  • For regular profiling, we’ve introduced a logic to take periodicity bias into account. This will make sure the profile recording schedule does not accidentally match some application batch jobs, if any.