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Continuous Performance Profiling

Computational complexity requirements The difference between exponential, linear, logarithmic and constant execution time of a program is critical for various use cases. Even if an algorithm is purposely designed to satisfy a certain complexity class, there are multiple reasons why it might not. An underlying library, OS or even hardware can be the root cause […]

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Continuous CPU Profiling for Python Applications

There are multiple reasons a program will consume more CPU resources than excepted. In case of high computational complexity of an algorithm, the amount of data it operates on will drive the CPU usage. For I/O intensive programs, data processing may be the bottleneck. Garbage collection activity is another usual suspect. To optimize or troubleshoot […]

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Go Performance Playground

The Go Performance Playground is an online CPU profiler for Golang. It allows developers to quickly measure execution time of the code, profile it to find bottlenecks with line-of-code precision, iteratively optimize algorithms, and more. Underneath, it uses StackImpact’s pprof-based profiler. Go Performance Playground is written in Go and was inspired by the original Go […]

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Continuous, Low-Overhead Production Profiling

The importance of performance profiling Profiling tools are a critical part of application development and operations. Problems, such as memory leaks or high CPU load, may make applications, developed over the course of serval months, unusable in minutes. Problems like this are very hard to localize and fix without special tools, such as profilers. The […]

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Monitoring CPU Hot Spots in Production Go Applications

Identifying CPU hots spots with line-of-code precision is critical when it comes to troubleshooting performance issues, identifying performance bottlenecks or improving response for a better customer experience. Go’s pprof toolset has powerful tools for CPU profiling and visualizing different aspects of profiles. It is very useful in the development stage. However, profiling CPU usage in […]

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